[Game Review] Final Fantasy XV


 I have officially finished my schooling and am waiting for my commencement exercises then I will officially be unemployed! I will be kicking off the new year with a game I have been following for the longest time: Final Fantasy XV! If you haven’t been following this game’s development and you’re not really quite sure […]

[Game Review] Life Is Strange


 I’ve been hearing so much hype for Life Is Strange since last year and after finding out Square Enix (aka the developers/publishers of Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts) published the game, my expectations almost skyrocketed and I was very interested to try it. Story Life Is Strange follows the main character, Max Caulfield, in her journey as […]

[Game Review] Until Dawn


 I am not fond of horror games, nor do I ever watch horror films. I cannot deal with the unnecessary stress I feel while watching it, and as a kid, I have read enough scary stories for it to affect the way I grew up, somewhat. Call me a loser, I don’t care. So why […]

[Game Review] Valiant Hearts: The Great War


  Valiant Hearts: The Great War is a puzzle-adventure game published by Ubisoft and was released back in 2014. It is inspired by memorabilia and letters collected from World War I. Story + Gameplay The story revolves around 5 main characters (except the person on the logo positioned on the far right). I can’t say too […]

[Game Review] The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth


 What’s a game where all you have to do is cry to save yourself from your opponents? The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth was developed by Nicalis, Inc., Edmund McMillen, and Tyrone Rodriguez. It is a remake of the original The Binding of Isaac. Backstory The story is about how Isaac’s mother listens to a voice who […]