[Game Review] Confess My Love

Confess My Love is a free-to-play Chinese mini-game released by LR Studio in May 2017.

Story / Gameplay

You play as Willie as you help him decide whether or not he will confess his love to Liza, the girl of his dreams.

This kind of premise can pan out in a whole lot of ways. Confess My Love allows you to explore that flowchart by having Willie experience this adrenaline / anxiety over and over again until you reach the 20th ending. It’s a very cute game made with RPG Maker: a puzzle and slight horror game.

I honestly thought this game probably wasn’t worth it until I realized the duration of the game when I first played it was less than a minute. It confused me, so I played it again and realized it ended differently than it had before. I found myself finding all the different ways to achieve each ending, and enjoying/laughing at the dialogue.

confess my love thelexycon

It hits a dark period at some point in time that I never expected would EVER happen. The true end was a plot twist I never saw coming which, for a casual mini-game, was pretty unexpected. I never thought the story would progress the way it did and it felt great to have experienced it.


The sfx are familiar, I suppose because I’ve played quite a few in this style, however that’s not a bad thing. It actually makes me feel comfortable playing the game, and it just adds to the cute ambiance and can shift the mood completely if needed. The background music shifts from the general music to the conversational music all contributing to such a happy and cute theme, that can prove to be misleading. (But what does that mean?!)


The graphics are very cute and easy to stomach. It’s also very minimal, which you question until you realize how it makes sense upon finding the game’s true ending.

Rating: 9 / 10

This game is quite boring, the main content is to explore and [unlock more] dialogue. Maybe it will take three hours. If you can not find what to do next, please tend to the tips page.

^^That’s an actual quote from the publishers.

If you want to know more details, visit their Steam page, or visit their website (page is in Chinese). I highly suggest you try it out, because it’s honestly really fun. Take it from me, who hates horror games (if you’re scared).

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