[Game Review] The Journey Down Trilogy

The Journey Down is an adventure, point-and-click puzzle game “with an Afro-Caribbean twist” by Swedish indie developer SkyGoblin. Story Mischievous gas station owners Bwana and Kito always figure out a way to get their run-down business up and running. While doing their usual routine, they run into Lina, a scholar, looking for a lost journal […]

[Game Review] We Were Here

We Were Here is an adventure, horror, puzzle. and escape game released in February 2017 by Total Mayhem Games, The gameplay works just like an actual escape room but with a buddy. This game can only be played in co-op where you can either play with a friend or find rooms within the game to play with other strangers also looking for partners…

[Game Review] Linelight

Known as the minimalist puzzle game, Linelight (developed and published by My Dog Zorro) is also multi-awarded and highly rated, doing very well on its first year. Gameplay / Controls Linelight is literally a line of light (which you control) traversing through a massive space through different worlds. Each stage brings you a new puzzle, […]

[Game Review] The Dream Machine

The award-winning point and click adventure game, The Dream Machine, releases its final chapter on Steam┬átoday! To celebrate finishing a game in development for 8 years, they discounted the games on Steam and you can save up to 60% in buying the bundle, which gives you the entire series. The Dream Machine is inspired by […]

[Game Review] Herald: An Interactive Period Drama

One of the best kinds of stories, at least in my opinion, are those based on history. There’s less to really critique on the plot because it’s all compared to things that actually happened. What matters then when people try their hand at telling these stories, or telling historical fiction, is the execution and attention […]

[Game Review] Final Fantasy XV

I have officially finished my schooling and am waiting for my commencement exercises then I will officially be unemployed! I will be kicking off the new year with a game I have been following for the longest time: Final Fantasy XV! If you haven’t been following this game’s development and you’re not really quite sure […]

[Game Review] Valiant Hearts: The Great War

Valiant Hearts: The Great War is a puzzle-adventure game published by Ubisoft and was released back in 2014. It is inspired by┬ámemorabilia and letters collected from World War I. Story + Gameplay The story revolves around 5 main characters (except the person on the logo positioned on the far right). I can’t say too much […]