The photos included in this post are all from the Thrive festival Facebook page.

Yet another event I helped organize! I had only heard of Muni from my friend Meek Resngit and she was looking for volunteers. I decided to try and check it out. Why not, right?

I actually never thought I’d go back into concert organizing after Reverb; it was new to me and incredibly stressful, but I had a lot of fun with this one: the THRIVE festival. The stress and pressure never really go away, but I met new friends and even got two of my old friends, Maia and Joy, to work with me! We were a very small team called the Outdoor Program, only consisting of myself, Maia, Joy, and Nina who works in! (Later on, KC Coling joined us as another host hehe) We worked very closely with the amazing Jen Horn, who was the overall event manager. I suddenly found myself as the Outdoor Program Officer-in-Charge.

The outdoor program is just one half of the full event of the Thrive festival; it has all the businesses and/or social enterprises that are all supporting the responsible consumerism, environment friendly cause that MUNI advocates. Outdoors has the music festival which I was contributing to along with the rest of the team under Jen, with all the stalls for food, bags, shoes, art, etc. Inside were the conferences and even yoga classes!

thrive manila muni phIt was held right cross Estancia; many tents covered the usually bare field of the Capitol Commons grounds containing all the hustle and bustle within. I was able to try vegetarian sisig where instead of meat, the alternative was a certain type of mushrooms. It tasted exactly like sisig! There also were other brands I recognized but never before knew that they were eco-friendly such as picole and Bayani Brew.

I actually hosted for a small while for the outdoor team. I figured that wasn’t for me, and I think Jen thought so, too, haha! KC and Maia did their hosting jobs very well.

The program for the indoor part was actually quite interesting however I couldn’t leave my post, especially needing to be there for when the artists arrived. I could only contact Nina through the phone, so as much as possible I stayed at my post. It was really great getting to experience and be exposed to all these other enterprises as well as all the local music I haven’t heard before.

Here are some photos of the performances: (Find more on the Thrive Facebook page!)


Not only were we coordinating and contacting the artists, we were also in charge of posting about it on both Muni and Thrive’s respective social media pages (which I was able to live-tweet during the event, yay!), and I also helped set-up the Indoor program’s sound system for their seminars. I include that because for some reason, I feel accomplished knowing I can do that. Thanks for helping me gain those skills, Green Giant FM! Hehe.


It was really nice to have my own friends, Mrs. Fin and The Chimichangas perform for THRIVE The drummer for Chimi is also our old drummer (sina Maia, Joy, and I used to be in a band together) so we had a short reunion photo, but this is just us laughing. We later inserted BP in the photo to make it a full band reunion photo.

I can’t stress how this made me a lot more aware about people’s efforts to find ways to lessen our carbon footprint and overall help the world be better. This meant a lot more to me since I’m studying development and we’ll be covering social enterprises soon. I’m thankful for all the opportunities and lessons I’ve learned from you, Muni! ‘Til next time!


thrive manila muni ph

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