Reviving my Soundcloud + Intro

Over the past few years, I’ve been both posting and deleting content on my Soundcloud, and other times I just leave it there and not really update.

Ever since starting this blog, I’ve been more determined to really maintain and keep it going, and that means playing more games, and recording more songs. I’ve composed about 4-5 originals the past year (since I tend to write a lot but never turn them into songs) and after making the proper arrangements, I’ll be posting them and sharing them! I usually never share my work, but I’m making it a practice on my confidence and self-worth because I’ve decided to always make sure I’m on the way to be the best version of myself, which means really disciplining myself, and applying what I think I should be doing.

So with this new year, this blog is born, my game/instrument reviews are born, and a new cover at the start of the year! I’ll make it a point to post/record at least once a month if thesis permits. I actually learned this song, La Vie En Rose, a year ago, and I loved the French version and decided to learn it. For those that know my taste in music, it varies from different genres to different languages. (And no, I haven’t watched HIMYM… ok im sorry)

My close friend Xavi told me that I should sing this song again in a higher pitch (and with a new ukulele since the nut is kind of faulty).

I’ve been getting support already even without fully releasing my blog yet and I’m really thankful to all those supporting me. I’m excited for this! Video games and music, two of my most favorite things. <3

Maybe I should have made a better and more proper blog post to formally introduce my blog… but I think this is fine. I’ll be publicly releasing (aka posting it on my Facebook) my blog after this week, and I’ll start to be busy. If any of you want to collaborate with songs or get me for a shoot or even suggest a game for me to review, click Contact!


  1. Hey! Thanks for checking out my gamobo review. I tried to return the favour but I haven’t played any of the games you’ve reviewed 🙁 But I am a lover of music as well! Even though I didn’t understand the entirety song, that just made it all the more exotic. I like the simple lullaby-like nature of the song, and your cover retains that feeling very well. Keep it up!