[Instrument Review] Samson CO1U + Sonar X1 LE

Based from my previous instrument review on the ATM510, condenser mics like the Samson CO1U are more suited for studio/live recording. I can use this mic for live recordings when I sing and play the acoustic guitar without needing a PL-USB/guitar cable to plug into my laptop. Starting out, it was very difficult for me to record because of white noise. Now that I know more technical tricks, I realize it was because I always maxed out the recording volume (my past self did not know anything about decibels or how loud recording inputs should be), and also because I still kept machines running while recording (e.g. the fan, or the air conditioner) or I kept the mic too close to the laptop.

Not my photo

These are the contents of the box when you buy your mic. The Samson CO1U is a USB hypercardioid condenser microphone for recording. My parents got me this microphone for Christmas around three years ago (so I can’t really say much about affordability or any deals, but you can check if a JB Music store has it in stock).


-> The mic produces studio-quality type recordings (depending on your settings).

-> Plug and record; hardware installation isn’t necessary aka it’s very compatible to your computer. No need to connect to a mixer or need any extra cables. Printer cables are usually compatible with this mic.

-> You can use this mic to record not only for singing but narration / podcasts as well, and also a variety of other instruments such as drums, guitar, etc.


-> Depending on your audio set-up, you may need to request a specific cable to be able to connect this mic to a mixer.

Image from Samsontech.com

I also have the Samson SPO1 Spider shockmount, the Samson PS01 pop filter, as well as the Samson mic stand. All these accessories perfectly complement the microphone. I still use all of them to this day, except the shockmount because its band has grown loose. The stand is very sturdy and doesn’t rust or become particularly hard to adjust.


(Vocals only)

The Sonar X1 LE was my audio interface for a long while although it took me quite a while to really understand how to use it properly; Cakewalk has its own “school” to teach how to maximize using Sonar. Knowing that, I’m sure you can safely assume Sonar isn’t very user-friendly especially to musicians/artists starting out like I was when I first got the mic, but it has many nice and professional features that allow you to really maximize any musical creation you’ll record.


Definitely worth your money. The mic has very good quality, easy to bring around, and the box itself already has its own desktop stand, steel thread adaptors, and a mic case. Starting out with a plug-and-record mic, and even a digital audio workspace pretty much already covers your future recordings. This mic works well even for podcasts, commentary, stingers, and the like. It’s a nice, basic, but good quality condenser set.

This post is rather long overdue. I’ve had my Samson CO1U condenser mic for almost 3 years now and it’s still sturdy, high-quality, and useful (as long as you take care of it).