Reverb 2015

This is year late, but I wanted to add this in my blog since it’s the very first event I ever headed: Green Giant FM’s concert, Reverb! I went through a lot of hardships and tears with this one because I was never really trained how to organize events, not to mention a concert. It required a lot of contacting especially for the bands and the sound system team. I was very glad to have my org’s team with me, who took care of the paperwork for reserving the places in school, and also for teaching me how things like these work.

My partner, Mikee Monsod, who was the project head of another event Green Giant hosted (CRSC: Campus Radio Station Convention), and my partner-in-crime, Marj Rojas especially, supported me through it, and helped me. I never realized how much pressure it is to really organize an event that would bear fruitful results. Thankfully I had friends to keep me sane as I pushed myself to work this out.

This is a video I took of B.P. Valenzuela; she performed her song “Great Expectations” during the event. I’ll have to thank Anna Fernando for her efforts in negotiating and talking to Sir Joel from 5th Element Lights & Sound. We were able to get an LED wall and an awesome light setup. I’m really proud of the production team, and the sound system and lights team. At the end of the night, I didn’t think about the quotas anymore. I thanked the Executive Board members that helped make this happen and the others that were a big part, and they did the same. It was a good (and really stressful) night, and I was glad I was able to finish it. I look forward to the next Reverb that will be handled by Marj, since she’ll be the next audio director by then!

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