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[Game Review] CUPID
CUPID is a free-to-play visual novel by Fervent, and independent game studio. Set in 1800’s France, the story explores dark
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the red strings club
[Game Review] The Red Strings Club
The Red Strings Club is a bartending visual novel released by Deconstructeam in 2018. If you’re a person that has
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[Game Review] Tangledeep
Tangledeep is a 16-bit roguelike dungeon-crawler with role-playing game (RPG) elements. It stars a female protagonist exploring the mysteries of
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crap im broke
[Game Review] Crap! I’m Broke: Out of Pocket
Crap! I’m Broke: Out of Pocket is a multi-awarded life management simulation game released in 2016 by Arcane Circus. It
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[Game Review] Monolith
Monolith is a top-down roguelike shooter game released in 2017 by Team D-13. Story + Gameplay Monolith is a dungeon
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finding paradise
[Game Review] Finding Paradise
Finding Paradise is a story-driven adventure game released in December 2017, and is also the long awaited sequel to the
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indiana jones and the fate of atlantis
[Game Review] Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis
Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis is a game released in 1992 by LucasArts. It is a point-and-click adventure
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[Game Review] Light Apprentice
The Light Apprentice is a turn-based action and adventure game / digital comic book that allows the player to manipulate
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day of the tentacle
[Game Review] Day of the Tentacle Remastered
The 1993 game ‘Day of the Tentacle’ released by LucasArts came back in its remastered form in 2016. Its sleek
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doki doki literature club
[Game Review] Doki Doki Literature Club!
The Doki Doki Literature Club! is an interactive visual novel that allows you to date cute girls from a school’s
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thelexycon the journey down
[Game Review] The Journey Down Trilogy
The Journey Down is an adventure, point-and-click puzzle game “with an Afro-Caribbean twist” by Swedish indie developer SkyGoblin. Story Mischievous
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we were here thelexycon
[Game Review] We Were Here
We Were Here is an adventure, horror, puzzle. and escape game released in February 2017 by Total Mayhem Games, The
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confess my love thelexycon
[Game Review] Confess My Love
Confess My Love is a free-to-play Chinese mini-game released by LR Studio in May 2017. You play as Willie as
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[Game Review] VA11 Hall-A
Do you love dogs? Shiba inus? Corgis? This is just the game for you! You play as Jill, a waifu
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everlasting summer thelexycon
[Game Review] Everlasting Summer
On a snowy winter day, the main character, Semyon, falls asleep as he takes a bus in his routine, ordinary
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[Game Review] Linelight
Known as the minimalist puzzle game, Linelight (developed and published by My Dog Zorro) is also multi-awarded and highly rated,
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[Game Review] Orwell
Orwell is an indie simulation game by Osmotic Studios. You play as an investigator looking for the mastermind behind the
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[Game Review] Gemini Rue
Gemini Rue is a pixel art cyberpunk / film noir adventure game by Wadjet Eye Games. Discover a world where
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[Game Review] The Dream Machine
The award-winning point and click adventure game, The Dream Machine, releases its final chapter on Steam today! To celebrate finishing a
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[Game Review] Herald: An Interactive Period Drama
One of the best kinds of stories, at least in my opinion, are those based on history. There’s less to
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[Game Review] Age of Rivals
Ever played medieval real-time strategy games like Age of Mythology / Age of Empires? Or maybe similar games like Red
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[Game Review] Glass Masquerade
Do you like exploring and experiencing different cultures? Onyx Lute brings you to 25 different countries in an artistic puzzle
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[Game Review] Tadpole Treble
From the creators of the Smash Bros webcomic “Brawl in the Family”, BitFinity Games brings in Tadpole Treble: a cute,
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[Game Review] Final Fantasy XV
I have officially finished my schooling and am waiting for my commencement exercises then I will officially be unemployed! I
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[Game Review] Life Is Strange™
I’ve been hearing so much hype for Life Is Strange since last year and after finding out Square Enix (aka
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[Game Review] A New Life
Have you ever wondered about the multiple algorithms life has for each person on this Earth and wondered if you
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papers please
[Game Review] Papers, Please
Papers, Please has 20 endings max, and similar to a visual novel type of game, your choices affect certain outcomes.
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[Game Review] Until Dawn
I am not fond of horror games, nor do I ever watch horror films. I cannot deal with the unnecessary
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[Game Review] Jesus Christ RPG Trilogy
The Jesus Christ RPG Trilogy was released by WholeTone Games back in November 2013. If you know about Jesus’s story and
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[Game Review] Notice Me Senpai!
This game is now discontinued. Notice Me Senpai is a casual game released in December 2015 by Skillshot Labs (formerly
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[Game Review] Valiant Hearts: The Great War
Valiant Hearts: The Great War is a puzzle-adventure game published by Ubisoft and was released back in 2014. It is
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[Game Review] The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth
What’s a game where all you have to do is cry to save yourself from your opponents? The Binding of Isaac:
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[Game Review] Missing Translation
Missing Translation is an indie game developed by Spanish-based Alpixel Games for all ages. You play as either a man or
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[Game Review] Brawlhalla
< EARLY ACCESS! > *Note: Early Access means the game is currently in development and is not yet fully released.
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[Game Review] Jumpea
Jumpea is a casual game where you play as a tiny seed trying to make its way up to the
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[Game Review] Neko Atsume
For a short while, I’ve been seeing these photos of cats in a yard, and so many of my friends
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[Game Review] Monument Valley
Monument Valley is a puzzle game showcasing optical illusions for smartphones. You play as the silent princess Ida, twisting reality,
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[Game Review] Ao Oni
There are are tons of genres of games out there in the world, and one of them are horror games.
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[Game Review] Undertale
Undertale is an RPG game developed by Toby Fox in 2015. In a world where humans and monsters exist, you,
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[Game Review] X-Note
NOTE: Zeiva released X-Note 2.0 where about 12 aspects of the game were changed/removed/added including some of the things I
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[Game Review] To The Moon
To the Moon is an adventure/RPG starring Dr. Eva Rosalene, a senior memory traversal agent, and Dr. Neil Watts, a
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