[Game Review] Linelight

Known as the minimalist puzzle game, Linelight (developed and published by My Dog Zorro) is also multi-awarded and highly rated, doing very well on its first year.

Gameplay / Controls

linelight thelexyconLinelight is literally a line of light (which you control) traversing through a massive space through different worlds. Each stage brings you a new puzzle, prepping you for the next. As you travel through worlds, puzzles become harder, and though I myself have been stumped and irritated at certain levels, it’s never been to the extent of anger with Flappy Bird. Maybe.

It’s not very difficult to get a hang of the game as you really just move with directional buttons. It’s nothing rogue-like, so dying doesn’t entail starting from the beginning. As the video shows, if you’re curious, you easily figure out what anything is on the “road” of your linelight.

You are not the only linelight present, as you come across colorful, and more aggressive lines that will break you if touched. Some move only when you do, and some move independently on a road they can follow.

Graphics / Sound

The game’s visuals remind me of fireworks; light in a dark sky. Though I actually initially thought of electric wiring 😅 although the way the game is styled makes the player think the game must be simple when in fact it can get really difficult and frustrating.

The music compliments the soothing scenery and keeps you calm, though after a little while admittedly, the music gets a bit old and it felt dragging to keep going. The sound effects are a nice touch and don’t really break out of the kind of sleepiness or feeling of calmly floating down a river. Another puzzle game that reminds me of that is Kami 2 on iOS, and it’s one of my favorites.


The game is a puzzle, but it not only involves thinking since you also have to act quickly in certain stages. Linelight has a lot of positive reviews, and for good reason, however I sadly am part of the small percentage that is either neutral or borderline negative about the game. That doesn’t mean I don’t recommend it, though! I personally just don’t see the appeal of playing a game like this on big consoles such as the PlayStation 4 or on the PC though it may be completely different for puzzle game fanatics.

I highly suggest this game to be played on a smartphone or a tablet as it a casual game. It’s best to be able to play it every now and again in your free time, at least that’s in my opinion.

Rating: 6 / 10

Agree/disagree with my review? Tell me what you think! Buy this game for P315.95 on Steam, App Store, Google Play, or the PlayStation Store. Find more details on their website.

Thanks to Novy PR for the game!

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