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Jumpea is a casual game where you play as a tiny seed trying to make its way up to the sun, collecting water and sunlight, while dodging a series of insects. It’s a recent game by Omiplay, a startup game studio. I heard about it from Linh Le, who messaged me personally, so thank you for the opportunity!

This is actually the latest out of the 6 casual games Omiplay has out, and since it’s recent, do help them out by giving them constructive reviews so they can make even better games in the future!


Here’s the title screen! I kind of wish they used the same art in the title screen as they did in their icon, since the main screen looks pretty empty, but its simplicity seems to be the theme for its layout. Upon seeing the art/images before I downloaded it, I was pleasantly surprised because they promised “incredibly cute tiny seeds” and they are in fact very cute! Very simple but engaging, and the colors contrast with the green, so everything stands out. It’s something that most kids will definitely be attracted to, and since the icon has cute seeds on it, too, I find it attractive myself.


In Jump Pea, you fling your seed higher and higher above ground, maneuvering and avoiding insects. I found the premise of the game quite interesting because seeds are planted underground, and these little rebels want to see the sky. The mechanics of the game is quite similar to Flappy Bird, and Despicable Me: Minion Rush; you essentially keep playing to beat your previous high score. They had said that Jump Pea “looks easy but is quite challenging” and that is true. I found myself yelling each time my seed burst after coming into contact with one of the insects.

jumpea game review

It was really hard for me to get used to how the game worked for a while, same with how I adjusted to other casual games, but it’s really difficult and very frustrating to the point that it makes me want to stop playing sometimes from the stress (and also because my throat hurt). There’s no time pressure while playing, unless you’re on the same level as a particular insect. My least favorite insect is the ladybug. It really gets my heart racing. I  was able to get a high score of 71, which I am proud of. I am currently #8 on the Leaderboards.

As you continue to play the game, you come across blue orbs (which I now come to realize are actually water droplets/dew) and sunlight. They serve as your currency to be able to unlock other types of seeds.

seeds jumpea game review

I really like that they included this to make the game more interesting and for the player to interact with it more; some gamers’ goals are to unlock all that can be unlocked in games so this is an aspect some people may want to pursue.


This game is playable for any age unless you have a tendency to get badly stressed. While I do like the game and have played it enough to garner a score of 71 (which was not easy), it’s not very addictive which I think is important in a casual game. A reason why that might be is that the game is a little too difficult; I wasn’t able to compete much with some friends because some gave up. I also resorted to watching ads to be able to get an even higher score which I normally don’t like to do. I suggest you download it on an iPad or a tablet for a bigger screen. I still enjoyed playing nonetheless, and I think the game has a good enough concept.

In short, not bad, Omiplay.

Rating: 6 / 10

This game is free! Unless you want to pay to remove the ads (that you barely notice). Download it on iOS, Android.

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